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W. O. W.
Wild Over Whitetails

Program Outline

The purpose of the program is to promote a respect of the outdoors and the creatures that live there and to further hunter education through a variety of age appropriate activities.

1.The program has several events throughout the year.

2.There will be 4 age groups.

    *Fawns- 4-6 year olds
    *Spikes- 7-9 year olds
    *Fork Horns- 10-12 year olds
    *8 Pointers- 13-16 year olds

     3. Each chapter will need to have 1 W.O.W. director.  The charter W.O.W. coordinator will provide all necessary information and materials to each director.  The director’s responsibility is to make the information known to chapter members and the collection of any materials the chapter coordinator may request. In addition to the scheduled W.O.W. events, chapters may hold their own W.O.W. functions.  The charter does have activities available if desired.

     4.  Ideally, each chapter would need to have 4 group leaders-1 for each age group, 2 minimum with a combination of the 2 younger groups and the 2 older groups.

     5.  W.O.W. activities will be open to all youths regardless of A.W.A. affiliation.

W.O.W. is designed with the family in mind.  It is not a babysitting service.  The A.W.A. has prided itself on family participation and this is just an extension of that tradition.

The Appalachian Whitetail Association (AWA) in cooperation with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) will be beginning a new Hunter Mentor program starting in Upper East Tennessee in the fall of each year. This program is especially designed for eligible Young Sportsman who are ages 10 to 16 and who have successfully completed a Hunter Education Course.

Young Sportsman who are interested in furthering their skills as a hunter and who want to participate in an actual deer hunt may do so in this program.  If you do not come from a hunting background and/or do not know or have someone that can take you hunting this program may give you this chance.

Young Sportsman will be teamed up with 2 experienced adult hunters who are members of the Appalachian Whitetail Association and they will take you hunting.  If desired, one of these adults can be a non-hunting relative of yours ( Mom, Dad, Uncle, Etc.) .  This hunt will be planned well in advance.  This will give the Young Sportsman and the Hunter Mentors and their families time to meet and get to know one another.  In addition some of the activities before the actual hunt will include but not limited to; Deciding on a place to hunt, gaining permission to hunt, scouting for Deer sign, time spent at the firing range to get familiar with the firearm, Bow, or muzzleloader that the young sportsman will use and to build marksmanship skills.

 Those wishing to participate will do so by filling out an application and submitting it to the Appalachian Whitetail Association.  Click here for application.

 Those who need to complete a hunter education class can contact the Region IV TWRA office to find out when the next class is scheduled in your area.  If you need more information on the Hunter Mentor Program and want to be placed on a contact list, call the TWRA at 1-800-332-0900 and ask for officer Allen Ricks.

The Appalachian Whitetail Association can be contacted by writing to:

Appalachian Whitetail Association
PO Box 7314
Kingsport, TN 37664

Mentoring Program Pays Big Dividends


  Comments From the Mentors and the Young Sportsman


·       Mentor – “This is the fourth deer Heather has harvested in 5 seasons. This was the most exciting hunt for her. She has matured as a hunter so much from age 10 to 15 and I now consider her to be a good hunter. Our hunts together have enriched our lives as a Father and Daughter.”

·       Mentor – “Casey was a very tentative hunter. Good concentration and shooting abilities.”

·       Mentor – “This was Bradley’s third year of deer hunting. He was lucky enough to harvest a button buck last year. But so far this year he hasn’t gotten one yet.”

·       Mentor – “Megan was very excited about hunting. She harvested a large doe early on a Saturday morning with her uncle Dan’s, Knight muzzleloader.  I think she is HOOKED!”

·       Mentor – “Very good hunt. Pretty cold. No shot at bucks – too far away. Good shot on doe at 55 yards – shoulder shot. Very clean kill. Dustin Johnson, age 11, 1st deer killed 1/11/03.”

·       Mentor – “Getting to watch a young sportsman (my son) harvest his 1st buck has been the most exciting and fulfilling day of hunting I’ve every experienced.”

·       Mentor – “Stephen learned, you have to be alert at all times, because you never know when the deer will show up. He enjoyed the hunting trip and being outdoors, except for the cold temperature in the morning.

·       Young Sportsman – “Thanks TWRA for the hunting vest, tee-shirt, Etc.”

·       Mentor – “Very good hunt. Seen deer. Missed shot on Doe”

·       Mentor – “The hunt date was cold and we had a good time with John, but didn’t see anything. Better luck next time.”

·       Mentor – “Used skills taught during hunter safety as well as from family & friends. Very rewarding hunts – great way to spend quality time with my teenager”

·       Young Sportsman – “A moment like this is one to be cherished. Not only the harvest of the buck, but the quality time with my dad and doing something I enjoy.”


Past Photos

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005

Morgan Cave

Austyn Cave

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005

Morgan Cave

Austyn Cave

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Madison & Jay

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Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety


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